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Dahab Shops - bridging the gap between sustainability and jewellery.

sustainability and jewellery

At Dahab Shops, we are passionate about advancing sustainability and long-term environmental protection in the jewellery industry.

Our promise

Enabling Eco-friendly Jewellers

We are dedicated to providing eco-friendly jewellers with the resources they need to make green jewellery more accessible and distinguishable.

Carbon Neutral Jewellery Checkout

We are devoted to educating jewellery lovers about how they can contribute to protecting the environment, enabling them to ascertain the carbon footprint of the jewelry item they are buying and offset it.

Advancing Awareness and Solutions

We are committed to decreasing the utilization of plastic packaging for jewelry sold on our marketplace and exploring ways to utilize our platform to help our sellers eliminate environmentally harmful practices.

"At Dahab Shops, we remain committed to providing quality and value for our customers and sellers, and promise to strive for sustainability"

Wasem Razaz - Founder & CEO

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