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Sell Your Watch

Custom Valuation

Sell your high-end timepiece at the best price online. Your timepiece will be viewed by agents specialized in watch valuation from multiple licensed merchants in the UAE. You will receive the quote with the highest valuation.

Fill out our quick form about your high-end timepiece and receive the highest quote from carefully-curated sellers.

Sell My Watch

How It Works

  • Enter Watch Details
    Enter Watch Details

    Find and enter your watch details. We recommend the easiest way to do this is to search by model number.

  • Receive an instant valuation*
    Receive an instant valuation*

    *Online valuations are based on information you give us & are subject to an expert assessment.


    If you agree to the valuation provided, we will make arrangements with you for your watch to be posted or collected securely. Alternatively you can also drop your watch off at one of our office location.


    We offer cash payment, part exchange and gift card options, the choice is entirely up to you.

With our huge network in of luxury watch and Jewellery experience, dahabshops.com is a brand you can trust when it comes to established expertise in luxury watches. We will expertly assess your watch and offer you a competitive and accurate valuation for the watch you wish to sell to us. Our expert valuers have worked hard to ensure the instant online valuation* is as accurate as possible. Complete your journey either online or visit one of over than 100 showrooms in our network, where dedicated colleagues will assist you in valuing and selling your watch.


We will give you a quote on most luxury watch brands. Valuations are given instantly on thousands of Breitling, Omega , Cartier ,TAG Heuer, Patick Philippe and Rolex watches, with many more brands to follow.

  • Free instant online valuation in almost every case
  • offered Competitive prices
  • Great range of luxury brands available to buy and be sold
  • Money transferred directly into your bank account
  • Part exchange on your watch is also available
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